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the mission


Information is valueless if you can't find it !

Firewalls, encryption, password protection and full redundancy are security policies and procedures built into Scan Pros (SAAS) cloud based digital document vault, assuring your data is secure in transport, access and storage 24/7.

Imaging is a proven, well-established solution that helps many companies apply the benefits of electronic communication and collaboration to traditional paper-based practices.

By scanning paper and converting it to images, you can very easily and cost efficiently distribute and access important, active records. For many companies, though, the costs and resources needed to implement an imaging program are prohibitive. Many companies need a quick, easy imaging solution and are unwilling or unable to invest in a document management system and related infrastructure required for an in-sourced imaging solution. And storing images on a network server or on CD isn't enough.

"We manage the entire scan service process, we keep redundant backups, and we supply the online infrastructure - Scan Pros Staff"

To properly leverage an imaging investment, you must be able to quickly search through scanned images. As many will testify, the surest way to defeat an imaging solution is not to index or poorly index your scanned images.